Westcliff Baptist Church

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  • 560 London Road
  • Westcliff on Sea
  • Essex
  • SS0 9HS

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What's On @ WBC

On a Sunday...

Some people meet to pray from 9:00am and we gather together at 10:30am for worship each week.  There are various activities on most Sunday afternoon/evenings.

But we don’t just meet on a Sunday... during the week there are other opportunities to join us:

Tues     12:00pm: Discipleship Group     

            7:30pm: Reflections - Worship, Prayer & Bible Study Group    

Wed      1:00pm: Cameo (Every Wednesday)

Thurs    1:00pm: Afternoon Prayer & Bible Study

            7:30pm: Prayer Meeting (1st Thurs in month)

             7:30pm: Business Meeting (3rd Thurs in month)

Fri        7:30pm: Small group meeting (Every other week)

Sat       7:30pm:  Come Aside & Worship (Last Sat - Jan - Mar - May - July)


We’ve recently changed the way in which we meet as church family during the week. The most significant change has been to establish some new small groups. The primary purpose of these groups is to deepen relationships – with God, with fellow group members and with others. Together with a couple of existing gatherings we now have groups meeting at the following times during the week:

  • Monday Morning (Small Group)
  • Tuesday Lunchtime (Discipleship Group – currently doing a chronological study of the Old Testament)
  • Tuesday Evening (Reflections Group – sung worship, study and prayer at WBC)
  • Wednesday Evening (Small Group)
  • Thursday Lunchtime (Small Group)
  • Thursday Evening (2 groups, one of which is based in Hadleigh / Benfleet area)
  • Friday Evening (Small Group)

All are welcome to be part of a group. If you’d like to find out more about the groups or join one, please contact John, our minister on 07969 391393 or email office@westcliffbaptist.org.uk

Some groups meet at church, others in peoples’ homes. Some groups meet in one location, others are hosted by different members each time. Many groups don’t meet every week, but fit in between our combined midweek activities.

On the first Thursday of each month we hold a prayer and Bible Study together at the church.

On the third Thursday of every month (except August and December) we have a members’ meeting, when we come together at the church building to pray and seek God’s direction for the church family.

Saturday & Sunday Events...

Sunday 23rd June   



Church Away Day  (No service at WBC)

Meet at 10.30 am to travel to .....St Michael's Church Dawes Heath.

Sunday 30th June   



Morning Service with Communion 

Why do justice? James 2 v 14-26 - J Western

Picnic and Ice Cream

Sunday 7th July




Morning Service

How can we do justice? Job 31 v 13-23 - Andrew Marshall 

Discussion Group at Anke's Coffee Shop

Sunday 14th July  




Morning Service with Communion

Campaigning justice? - Isaiah 1 v 16-20 - John Western

Film - Come and enjoy a family film   

Sunday 21st July  




Morning Service 

Kingdom Justice - Jeremiah 29 v 4-9 - John Western 

Litter Pick - Help keep the community streets tidy. 

Sunday 28th July  



Morning Service with Communion 

Barnabas - Acts 11 v 19-26  - John Western


Sunday 4th August  




Morning Service 

The woman who reached out - Luke 8 v 40-48 - John Western 

Discussion Group at Anke's Coffee Shop